Asymetric Game Design

During the workshop each participant designed and programed a unique character for a simple 2D-action game using the Flash-based game framework Flixel. In the game two players compete against each other in a virtual arena. At the beginning of a match, each player is randomly assigned one of the characters with a unique set of features and properties, allowing for asymmetric game play.

Participants learned how to create interesting game interactions within an existing structure, and how to collaborate on a project in a parallel fashion. Each contributed game character directly affected the game play, evoking discussion about what makes a game balanced, coherent, diverse and enjoyable. The finished game including all contributed characters is released as open source on GitHub.

Workshop Leaders: Marek Plichta, Andreas Zecher (Spaces of Play)

Spaces of Play is a game studio based in Berlin consisting of Mattias Ljungström, Marek Plichta, Andreas Zecher and Martin Straka. They are a group of independent game designers, visual artists and musicians that came together with the goal of creating great games.

Technologies used: ActionScript3, Flixel, Photoshop

Code at Github
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