My name is Milos Roglic.
I am Software Engineer and Interactive Media Developer based in Belgrade.
I hold BsC in Computer Science from Faculty of Electrical Engineering Belgrade.

In general, I am interested in creative coding and also in applied game development.
You could look at my short version of CV at Linkedin.

I specialize in:

  • computer graphics
  • interactive installations
  • creative applications
  • applied game development
  • augmented reality
  • generative art
  • algorithmic animation
  • computer vision

I use tools such as:

  • OpenFrameworks / Cinder / C++
  • Processing / Java
  • OpenCV, Kinect SDK
  • Three.js / Pixi.js / Paper.js
  • Flash / ActionScript
  • Math, trigonometry, physics simulations
  • Unity / C#
  • OOP, Design Patterns
  • Cinema4D, Photoshop

I also work with BoardReader where I specialize in web scraping. My current responsibility is designing and implementing server-side parsing algorithms (web spiders) with an emphasis on crawling web forums in high efficient manner. BoardReader (www.boardreader.com) is leading global social media content aggregation, provisioning and search provider.

In free time I enjoy:

Some conferences / festivals that I enjoy visiting: